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Warm Light

PotD 2013 227/365 – Warm Light


Aren’t they sweet…:-)

PotD 2013 226/365 – Friends

Dignified Stare

I think he was looking longingly at the hot dogs.

PotD 2013 225/365 – Dignified Stare

Food of the Gods


PotD 2013 224/365 – Food of the Gods

Nom Nom Hat

Best hat at the picnic…

PotD 2013 223/365 – Nom Nom Hat

Army of One

Kinda old for a Rambo…;-)

PotD 2013 222/365 – Army of One

Taking Wing

It was an odd pic anyway, so I added some lomo filters to top it off.

PotD 2013 221/365 – Taking Wing

Ridin’ Down the Highway

You’re lucky you can’t hear me trying to sing it.

PotD 2013 220/365 – Ridin’ Down the Highway

Colorado & Southern

This boxcar’s traveling days are over. It sits as a tourist attraction at the top of Boreas Pass.

PotD 2013 219/365 – Colorado & Southern


A not-quite-complete forward flip.

PotD 2013 218/365 – Splash


The sliding kind, not the pull-up kind…

PotD 2013 217/365 – Drawers

Golden Eyes

And a very serious stare.

PotD 2013 216/365 – Golden Eyes


Yes, there is a vacancy.

PotD 2013 215/365 – Rooms

Bugs…errrr…Big Bunny Motel

This was the Bugs Bunny Motel until they got sued. Now it’s the BIG Bunny Motel. You can still see the remnants of the ‘S’ on the sign.

PotD 2013 214/365 – Bugs…errrr…Big Bunny Motel

Somebody Pooped In My Grass!

And she’s not very happy about it, either.

PotD 2013 213/365 – Somebody Pooped In My Grass!