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The original shot was okay, but I took a little artistic license with the colors…

PotD 2013 151/365 – Red


It’s taking all 300mm to get the shot.

PotD 2013 150/365 – Zoom


So nice to see Spring finally here…

PotD 2013 149/365 – Buds


You can say it…awwwwww…

PotD 2013 148/365 – Brothers


Southern Comfort, that is…

PotD 147/365 – Comfort

Is He Gone Yet?

We were playing hide and seek. He peeked around the tree…click…

PotD 146/365 – Is He Gone Yet?

My Cup!

He kept trying to take off with the coffee cup he was standing on, but couldn’t quite manage.

PotD 145/365 – My Cup!

Morning Purple

More purty flowers…

PotD 144/365 – Morning Purple


This is so cute I might need a dose of insulin…

PotD 143/365 – Awwww


He was FAST!

PotD 142/365 – Dragster

Come At Me Brah

I’m ready…

PotD 141/365 – Come At Me Brah

Get Lost

He wasn’t really telling me off, but it sure looked like it.

PotD 140/365 – Get Lost

Forest Blossom

Found these beautiful flowers all by themselves while walking through the woods.

PotD 139/365 – Forest Blossoms


He looks wise to me, anyway…

PotD 2013 138/365 – Wise

Two Years

I just happened to look at the calendar and realize that Tuesday marked the two-year anniversary of Techniverse site reboot. Hard to believe that much time has flown by. And today marks both the third anniversary of the day I quit smoking, as well as the second anniversary of diving down that rabbit hole called photography. I’ll have more to say about photography and time, since both subjects have loomed large in my vision for a while now. For right now, I’m going to repost one of the first shots I put up on the “new” site (and actually, one of the first I shot with my Rebel two years ago), and to contrast that, a shot I took a couple weeks ago at Jenna’s school play. EEK!