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Colorful Lorie

When I went to the zoo a couple months ago, I was disappointed to find that the Lorikeet habitat was closed. I love going in there and feeding them nectar, and it’s just awesome when one of the them steps right onto you hand to eat. This one was sitting on a limb, just waiting to be fed. By the way, have I mentioned how much I LOVE that 135L lens?

This Ain’t a 366 Project 305/366 – Colorful Lorie

Beautiful Zombie

At the Zombie Crawl last weekend, once the actual event started, there were so many people that it was hard to move anywhere, so I simply stationed myself at the street corner and took pictures of the people as they went by. Close to where we were standing were a couple of rather scantily-clad zombies, and one in particular absolutely captivated me. Take away the sexy-zombie garb and the blood, and this young lady would still stand out in a crowd, with her bright pink hair, expansive tattoos, and plethora of piercings. She was also jaw-droppingly, mind-numbingly, heart-achingly gorgeous. I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said “I ♥ Zombies“. Me too.

Adorable Bee

I never gave much thought to bees beings cute…until today. Okay, everybody together now…awwwwwwwwwww.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 304/366 – Adorable Bee

Fat Boy

You ever see a squirrel with a double chin? Holy mackerel, this guy was chubby…

This Ain’t a 366 Project 303/366 – Fat Boy

Tigers Lost? Oh Nooooooo!

With all due due respect to all you poor Detroit fans…:-)

This Ain’t a 366 Project 302/366 – Tigers Lost? Oh Nooooooo!

Neighborhood Sparrow

I was shooting something else, and happened to turn around and there was this little guy.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 301/366 – Neighborhood Sparrow

Saturday Afternoon on the Town

No, I wasn’t blocking traffic. I was crossing on the signal 🙂

This Ain’t a 366 Project 300/366 – Saturday Afternoon on the Town

The Umbrella Corporation

You can’t be a fan of zombies and not have seen the Resident Evil series of movies. Who knew that the Umbrella Corporation was so pervasive!

This Ain’t a 366 Project 299/366 – The Umbrella Corporation


This zombie was fierce, but was securely chained to prevent infection (and ingestion) of the spectators.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 298/366 – Fierce!

The Apocalypse Begins

I attended the 2012 Denver Zombie Crawl on Saturday, site of ground zero of the zombie apocalypse. This guy was awesome, as was his entire family.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 297/366 – The Apocalypse Begins


No matter how bright and sunny the day, this is what the approach to this building might look like to many folks who are forced to visit. It’s a Arapahoe County Courthouse.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 296/366 – Ominous

Suburban Decay

This is the wheel of an ancient wagon that site mouldering away behind an art gallery in Littleton.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 295/366 – Suburban Decay

Iron Horse Superhighway

There’s still a lot of rail traffic that passes through Denver, as evidenced by this veritable superhighway. The rightmost 3 sets of tracks are for normal freight and passenger traffic, and the leftmost 2 are for the light rail public transport system.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 294/366 – Iron Horse Superhighway

Colorful Creek

This shot reminds me of the fall colors that are more common back east – a riot of color and beauty.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 293/366 – Colorful Creek

Wood Ducks

I haven’t posted many ducks lately. Here’s a species I haven’t shot before – Wood Ducks. The male has some of the most spectacular colors of all waterfowl.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 292/366 – Wood Ducks