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Panoramic San Diego

As we were coming back in from the whale watch, I took a series of shots of the San Diego skyline. This is a 3-shot stitch taken with the 70-200. I’m also linking it to a full size version. Bandwidth-impaired beware…

This Ain’t a 366 Project 115/366 – Panoramic San Diego

One More Zion, Because I Love It

Next year I’m going to be spending my ENTIRE vacation in Zion…the Narrows, bottom-to-top, and the Trans-Zion trek…

This Ain’t a 366 Project 114/366 – Virgin River Through Zion 2

Highway to Heaven

If there really is a highway to Heaven, I hope it looks like this…

This Ain’t a 366 Project 113/366 – Highway to Heaven

Some Serious Zion Color

It’s amazing how rich the colors were in Zion while we were there. It was awesome.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 112/366 – Vibrant Zion

We Now Continue the Regularly Scheduled Interruption

More ZION!

This Ain’t a 366 Project 111/366 – Zion Peaks

If You Don’t Take the Picture Quick Enough

This is what happens…

Put Your Hands on the Wall

Sometimes things get out of hand, and the next thing you know…BUSTED!

Fedoras Are Cool

And so is Patti.

More Rappin’

Yep – there’s a whole group…the T-Systers…

We Interrupt the Programming that Interrupted the Regularly Scheduled Programming

So here I am, all ready to post some shots of Zion, and suddenly real life intervenes. I was asked to take some shots at work for the company calendar and a video they are producing, and of course I said yes. Only problem is that it took literally all day Friday to do the shooting, and I’m still not done. Add in the fact that I was using off-camera lighting seriously for the first time, which means a lot of Photoshop after the shooting, and a good part of the weekend was also sucked up. You might think there would be nothing entertaining about dull company snapshots, but HA! – you would be wrong. Where there’s a will, and Photoshop, there’s a way…

The Rap Artist Formerly Known As Mr. Olsen…

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Program

I’m tired of posting vacation shots in order. I have a ton of Zion Canyon shots I’ve been itching to post, so screw it – I’m posting ’em. I’ll get back to San Diego and Sea World after a healthy dose of Utah.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 110/366 – The Virgin River Through Zion

Diablo Likes Big Sky Country

Going through more vacation pics tonight, and found these that I had forgotten we even took. We were busting across the desert in California, and came up on a knot of traffic. I thought maybe it was a cop or something, but as we threaded our way through the cars, this is what we came up on. A Diablo from Montana? We ended following them all the way to L.A.

Mischief Managed

I posted a shot of this juvenile gorilla last week, but again, I found another shot that I liked so well I couldn’t resist posting it. He just looks full of mischief.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 109/366 – Mischief Managed

America Revisited

I’ve already posted one shot of the racing yacht America, but I like this shot too, and I’m working with a new editing technique. For the record, the ship in the far background of the shot is the U.S. Navy cable ship “Zeus”.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 108/366 – America Revisited

Lonely Local

With all the exotic beasties at Sea World and the Zoo, this little local fella felt a little left out.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 107/366 – Lonely Local