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Old and New

One lone dried leaf hanging on among the new spring buds.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 081/366 – Old and New

Weird Gull

I was walking around a pond close to home, and I snapped this shot. It’s no prize winner, but I was fascinated by the utterly fake look of the gull against the sky. The contrast and brightness of the bird just don’t go with the soft look of the sky, but I assure you that, other than a resize and crop for posting, this shot is completely unaltered. Strange…

This Ain’t a 366 Project 080/366 – Weird Gull


I’ve been working to integrate the gallery a little more nicely with the blog, and although it’s not as clean as I’d like, I’ve managed to come up with some SmugMug theme components that at least bear a passing resemblance to the blog. I don’t think I’ll get much closer until I delve deeply into the advanced customization stuff, which I don’t have the inclination to do right now. So check out the gallery…go on now…you know you want to…

I Am Speed

Pippen loves to fetch, but the ball is almost bigger than he is.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 079/366 – I Am Speed

Hack This

I have been participating in the Hack This Photo theme on G+ since its inception, and once in a while I come up with a hack that I really like. The crispness and high level of detail is what pleases me in this shot, but that is largely lost in the resized version, so I’m linking the pic to a full-size version.

Too Many ISOs

Like yesterday’s shot, today’s represents another post-processing challenge. In this case, the problem was a room lit with a single 75-watt bulb, and no flash. The shot was taken at ISO6400, and in fact was a bit overexposed, then pulled back in post to avoid noise as much as possible.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 078/366 – Too Many ISOs

Get the Red Out

So I think for the next couple days I’m going to concentrate on posting some shots that represent some challenging post-processing work. Today’s shot is of a bug I shot at the Butterfly Pavilion. The problem with this one was that the bug was not lit by normal room light, but rather a red warming lamp. Trying to “get the red out” yet maintain accurate colors was the challenge.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 077/366 – Get the Red Out

Before and After – People

I’ve been asked before to show before and after shots of some of the images that I’ve posted, particularly some of the more heavily processed one. So, here we go. I’m going to start with some of the portrait shots. As time goes on, I’ll put up before and afters of other types of shots.





Re-doing the Banana

I posted this shot more or less unprocessed last week, but I liked it so much that I took another swing at it, this time with a bit more processing.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 076/366 – Re-doing the Banana

Pastel Tropics

I took this shot at the Butterfly Pavilion, and I loved the shape and structure of these tropical blooms, but the color was, well, nasty. I did some desaturation and color balance work to come up with something I like a bit better.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 075/366 – Pastel Tropics

Fruit Bouquet

My prime lenses have been getting short shrift as of late, mostly because of my ongoing love affair with the 17-55 and 70-200 combo, but today I had my gear at work, and a co-worker received a fruit bouquet from his wife for their anniversary. I broke out the 30mm f/1.4 for the occasion, and this is the result.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 074/366 – Fruit Bouquet


You might think there was something serious that this gentleman was devoting his attention to, and you would be right. He was loading his granddaughter’s squirt gun. For the record, the gentleman’s name is Randy, and he is both Linda’s husband and Ava’s grampy.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 073/366 – Concentration

Happy Birthday Kiddo!

Today is my sister’s birthday, and the remarkable part is that I actually remembered ON her birthday! This is a school photo from (I think) 1st grade. It’s always been my favorite pic of her. I love that peasant blouse. I thought that this photo had been destroyed in a house fire over 20 years ago, but I was thrilled to find it in a photo album my grandmother had.

Please excuse the quality of the scan – the photo has this horrendous texture that makes getting a good scan next to impossible.


This baby has been through it all. Looks like it might have been a victim of a roll-over accident or two…

This Ain’t a 366 Project 072/366 – Four-Wheelin’

Preparing for Battle

One more portrait before I move on to something new…this is Ava being assisted by Grandma and Grandpa in loading up her water gun. I loved the way the light reflecting off the concrete created a kind of glow.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 071/366 – Preparing for Battle