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The City at Night

I’ve been meaning to get downtown to get some shots of the city’s holiday lights, among other things, but it wasn’t until last night that I finally did it. The bonus was that most of the Occupy protesters had been cleared out so I could actually choose my place to shoot without worrying about stumbling over someone in a sleeping bag.

Leap Into the New Year

Thought I’d end the year on a high note!

Thank You Lord For This Bountiful Feast…

Caught this shot of a neighborhood squirrel sitting in front of a bird feeder that had been knocked down by a raccoon.


The Christmas Blast

I’m trying to recover from the epic 27-hour Great U-Turn of 2011, but I thought I’d put up a few shots from what was an absolutely awesome Christmas…

Dad the bow-head

Mom ain’t doing bow-head

Everything is so greeeennnn

Jenna’s Christmas portrait

Cammie and her guitar


BIG Lights

The Gang Says Merry Christmas

So there’s this little restaurant called Burgers Plus where we’ve been going to lunch at least a couple times a week for the last ten years. The owners, Katerina and Dimitri Kattes, are undoubtedly some of the kindest and friendliest people any of us have ever met, and their home-cooking is the best around, so we decided to give them a little something for the holidays. We took the shot below, then put it on a digital picture frame for them.

I Need a Vacation

Two thousand miles of driving in 48 hours, a funeral, work, Christmas shopping, getting ready for the holidays with my parents for the first time in over 20 years, and now this…I need a break in some place tropical…

More Mansion Madness

A couple weeks ago, I posted a before and after look at a shot I did of the Smith Mansion down in Denver. Here’s another one, a view of the front of the mansion, as opposed to the side. I used a little different processing this time. I’m not sure which I like better…

Lessons I Have Learned About Kids

#4328 – Never leave your phone unattended when kids are present. I found these gems on my phone after going out to dinner the other night.

Mustang Glamour

Not really. There’s editing for the sake of art, and there’s editing for the sake of practicality. This shot falls in the latter category. I edited the hell out of it cover up the fact that, in spite of having a bath only minutes before, the car was dirty as hell. One of these days I’ll get a shot of it clean…

Growing and Growing

The wee squab ain’t such a squab any more…I’m getting old…

Spill the Beans…errr…Balls

This was taken a few months ago. I told Jenna to go out and make something creative. This is what she came back with. I love it.

When I Were a Squab

I’ve been working to digitize the contents of a photo album I got from my sister a few months ago. It’s been a little slow, what with all my present distractions, but I found a couple that really brought back some memories…

One Fast Pony

Just playin…

More of My Favorite Bug

I love taking pictures of the kids, but very often Jenna is faster than me and puts on her “You’re taking a picture of me” smile before I can pull the trigger. I got her on this one though.

Special Party Guest

Santa and the Missus joined us at the office Christmas party. Who’d a thunk they had the time!